Compared to conventional heating methods like gas, installing electric central heating is straightforward. In fact, you can install most of the electric heating products from us yourself. Simple, easy-to-follow instructions are provided.

Our installation service

We can install any of the products you see on this website, and many more brands of electric heaters and systems. If you live anywhere in Scotland or the North of England, our installation service is available to you. Simply get in touch with our team or request installation as part of your quote.

Do It Yourself installation

Although the details for how to install each product will be slightly different, in nearly all cases, you can simply screw the radiator to the wall and plug into a normal 13amp socket. This is quick and safe.

Even those products that aren’t suitable for DIY installation, such as towel rails for bathrooms, can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified electrician. Replacing storage heaters is never a DIY activity as the heaters need to be wired into their own electricity circuit in your home.

As a team of experienced and qualified electric heating engineers, we would be happy to do this for you.


Electric central heating is mess-free and very easy to maintain. With no boiler or any other internal combustion element, and few moving parts, your electric heating system won’t need a regular service. With no pipes or water in the system, there’s no risk of leaks. Plus, you’ll never have to bleed a radiator again!

If you feel you do need some maintenance work carried out on your electric heating products, please contact us and one of our experienced team of electricians will be able to help.